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    Work attitude: In Shenying, we all hold 6 psychologies from leaders to employees, that is, learning & progress, honesty & diligence,
    giving & devotion, cooperation & innovation together with confidence & action. It is inevitable that Shenying  shall learn and innovate
    to grow and develop, so we constantly improve and perfect our abilities.

    Attitude of mutual benefit: What we pursuit is to develop with the society and cooperation partners together, create a harmonious society
    and achieve mutual benefits in the end. Shenying does not exist alone and we are responsible for the society and cooperation partners.
    Shenying always believes in green production line, protects & improves the environment, saves energy, enhances the efficiency in using
    energy and ameliorates the sustainable development of the Company and society. Meanwhile, we insist on thinking for the clients and
    providing excellent products and perfect service.

    Willing: To become a world-class intensive processing base.
    Mission: To keep the existence and development of the Company and make the
    employees the sense of belonging.
    Value: Love, fair-minded, innovation and devotion.


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