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    Quality and technology of major products in the Company
    Take a lead in the same fields at home
    The Company possesses plain, bent and transformed armoured glass production lines of different specifications possessing
    nationally and internationally advanced technology standards and has brought in the world-class equipments.
    The Company also built a new plant of more than 40,000 sq.m. to create a world-class intensive processing base.

    Management innovation

    The development of scientific technology and industrial production has urged new requirements for the management of enterprise.
    Only the Company follows the step of times and brings in or appreciates the advanced management concepts in the world,
    could it keep pace with the times. According to the features, Shenyingnot only possess modernized management mode,
    but also have a management team which is equipped with field specialties. Paying attention to the team construction
    and employees’ cultural life has optimized the resources, flattened the organization structure, mobilized the employees’
    enthusiasm greatly and improved our rapid response to external changes together with the employees’ and the
    Company’s cohesion and sense of belonging.
    Innovation of management concept

    Shenying management regards the concept of human as the basis and walks on the road of developing vigorously
    the enterprise with culture. We win with culture and innovation. The company has built perfect employment
    mechanism and innovation incentive mechanism and corresponding compensation and benefit system, advocated
    team work spirit at the time of creating competition mechanism, and tried hard to cultivate employees’
    spirit of working in unity and helping one another, so that employees have sense of identity towards the
    company, to realize the unity of personal values and company values, and to provide power source for the
    company’s continuous development.

    Innovation of scientific research technology
    Technology innovation is the backbone lived by the Company and power of sustainable development. On the one hand,
    Shenying has recently invested a lot in scientific technology based on strategies so as to ensure the technology innovation.
    In the meantime, we have also reconstructed scientific technology management to put the Company’s information,
    scientific technology, design and research & development together and to carry out reasonable allocation of resources.
    On the other hand, we utilize modern technology to act automatic research and development according to the
    production requirements of different periods. Now Shenying is preparing to build a technology research and development
    center of province level so as to form the integration of research and development, technology, science and
    technology, production, and sales, to provide open service and workmanship & equipment technology for the Company and
    to constantly push forward products of high value. Meanwhile, we have vigorously brought in advanced technology, inspired
    the enthusiasm of internal talents and researched & developed high-tech projects, which has already achieved prominent

    Innovation of production technology
    Shenying possesses the world-class production technology equipments and professional technicians together with solid
    development, sales and product technology supporting abilities. We focus on the innovation of workmanship procedures and
    operation methods and develop new products, high strength glass, coating glass of low radiation, leo energy-saving glass,
    low-iron glass etc.


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