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    Our country present glass industry sustainable development trend

    來源: Ningbo Xinxin Glass Co.,Ltd.  作者: http://test.88582.com/1507/xinxin  時間: 2012-09-11

    By the China construction glass and industrial glass association "2007 'China's glass industry technology annual meeting and conference" held in guangzhou. The convention theme is "energy saving, environment protection, innovation, development", the year will aim is to promote the steady and sustained development of the glass industry, and to better construct glass at home and abroad market and technology exchange industry platform, promote the industry to speed up structural adjustment, further implement the six ministries and commissions and national development and reform commission (NDRC) hair under the relevant document of the spirit, and promote the glass industry as soon as possible into the ", nice and fast "healthy development track.

    China building materials association chairman zhang human, secretary ChangSunTieShi, the national development and reform commission economic operation bureau chief LvGui new, the national ministry of construction standard quota have division chief ChenGuoYi and from the national glass the competent trade authorities and industry association leaders, experts, scholars, production manufacturers, distributors, deep processing business, PeiTaoShang, curtain wall industry such as on behalf of a total of 400 people attended the conference.

    The Chinese people's political consultative conference environment and resources committee, deputy director of the China building materials association President and China building glass and industrial glass association chairman zhang human at the meeting important speech. A human first affirmed in recent years, due to the construction and environmental protection and energy saving demand pull, promoted the rapid development of glass industry in our country. He pointed out that, within 3 years from 2004 to 2006, article 66 new float glass production line, the accumulative increase yield 193 million weight box. This three years is China's glass industry development on the fastest time. At the same time, zhang human also to longly remind delegates: "in profession fast development process, there are also nots allow to ignore the contradictions and problems, one is the flat glass new speed partial fast, there exist to the possibility of overheating; the second is the development of the industry is too big, the price of energy conservation and emissions reduction situation is still severe. Flat glass since 2004, continuous three years to build line more, the average annual increase rate of 16.7%, long into the year 2007, still growth partial fast, built line growth immortalization. With the new investment and productivity growth, it will be bound to cause the excessive competition and the contradiction between supply and demand increase, make industry economy operation by partial turn fast for the risk of overheating increase. For this, we must pay much attention. The national development and reform commission economic operation bureau chief LvGui new building materials and the situation of economic operation of glass industry the analytical speech.

    In order to make glass enterprises to better close related industry development present situation and the market demand, the meeting invited China metal structure association deputy secretary-general, aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall committee HuangQi director of the doors and Windows and curtain wall industry development present situation of explains. Ministry of construction standard quota have ChenGuoYi director for the building doors and Windows energy-saving performance of the logo explains. China building glass and industrial glass vice chairman of the association ZhangJingDao system introduces the recent relevant state government departments have issued or about to publish and glass industry related policies, regulations and standards. China building glass and industrial glass association secretary general zhang hundred constant presided over the meeting and the glass industry both at home and abroad, the basic situation "report, and report it to the association work. He said China building glass and industrial glass association in the industry rapid development process give full play to the Bridges, do a good job in two-way service, carries out the investigation and study, promote the industry structure adjustment and strengthen their own built set etc done a lot of work.

    In recent years, the rapid development of China's glass industry has caused extensive concern of the international industry. Singapore glass association President YanZhiXiong sir, Vietnam building glass, vice chairman of FanShanGen sir, Malaysia glass mirror industry association deputy general affairs Mr. LuoYuXing respectively rate group flew to come to attend the meeting. They brought the asean regional glass market of the rich information. Japan flat glass association representatives asahi glass FGC headquarters in China WuTian vice President, Mr. Wang is coming to the meeting, at the meeting and the Japanese energy saving glass and safety glass application introduced.

    Statistical data and market information display: the glass industry development has presented the continuous and healthy development of the situation. In 2006, China's plate glass production up to 466 million weight box, the article 162 float glass production line, more than 40% of the world total. Processing glass development also soon, in 2006, processing glass assets totaled 42.909 billion yuan, gross industrial output value 36.998 billion yuan, for the first time more than flat glass. According to preliminary statistics, China's processing glass main varieties (safety glass, hollow glass and coated glass, etc.) production capacity of more than 400 million square meters, the production of 300 million square metre. In the 2007 years, China's glass industry development overall situation better than last year. This year 1 ~ 8 month, glass economic operation show market sells well, market prices have increased slowly the situation. 1 ~ 7 month plate glass production reached 286 million weight box, year-on-year growth of 17.2%, ratios to 96%, the product inventory keep in 10 ~ 20 days of level, the industry by kui turn surplus.

    1 ~ 8 month this year, China's glass industry present the healthy development of the situation, is roughly by the following reasons contributed to the: one is the market demand is strong, large market potential. This is because our country national economy whole fast speed development, construction, traffic and transportation and electronic information and solar energy and so on emerging industry sustainable development, effectively drive the glass industry development. The second is national macro-control measures play a guiding role. In view of the current domestic glass work problems existing in the development of industry, in order to speed up the transformation of the economic growth mode and promote structural adjustment, the end of last year, the national development and reform commission and so on six ministries jointly issued "on promoting the flat glass industry structure adjustment certain opinions", into a step has been clear about the "11th five-year plan" period glass industrial structure adjustment of the guiding ideology and target measures. This document issued to control the low level repeated construction, promote industrial structure adjustment play an important guiding role. The third is glass products export situation is good. Customs data display, this year 1 ~ 7 months, China's flat glass export growth 61%, especially in automotive glass and glass products deep processing of large export growth. The fourth is "standardize the market, honest self-discipline" promoted the glass market stability. The past glass industry due to production continuity of strong, enterprise dispersion and financial strain etc factors, lead to once excess capacity, undercut each other's prices and disordered competition phenomenon is very serious. In recent years, China has built up the glass and industrial glass association of from standardize market order, strengthen regional coordination. Held regularly market seminar, the common analysis market, in glass industry advocacy of "honest and trustworthy", put an end to camera obscura operation, and take the adjustment of products structure, avoid homogeneous product competition, and reduce the production cost, the digestion original burning materials rise in price factors, such as the self-discipline measures to maintain the stability of the market.

    In 2007, China glass conference take special reports, technical research and new product new technology and show the way, greatly enhance the meeting effect and cohesion. During the meeting, there are 39 experts and scholars, around the building section can, energy saving glass, building doors and Windows energy saving, curtain wall glass safety use, high-performance energy saving glass technology application, toughened glass explosive source and the detonation mechanism analysis, hollow glass quality control points and application analysis in the glass industry focus and hot problems, points the professional diagnose speech. 2007 "conference proceedings" is made up of 71 new article writing papers, about 370000 words, more intensively reflects in recent years in China float glass and glass deep processing of new technology, new achievements and new experience. The meeting held the new products, new technology exhibition.

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